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'The session is really helpful as I’ve learned many self-defence combat skills, which are not only practical but also suitable for beginners:)

The session also enhanced my awareness towards potential dangers as I used to listen to music and check my phone while walking.

Also, the instructors are all very patient and encouraging, making me feel confident about myself!'

UCL Workshop (2023)


I have personal experience of an abusive relationship and unwanted attention and confrontation in the aftermath of it. 

Oddly enough this wasn’t the reason I attended the “fight like a girl” workshop; a friend invited me and I thought it sounded interesting. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. However when I listened to Della I identified straight away with her experience and her views and I couldn’t believe the possibility of learning skills to protect myself had never occurred to me before. 

I am not sporty or particularly fit, and I shy away from a lot of physical activities as I don’t think I’m much good! But none of this mattered - Della and Jon and their team created a safe, comfortable environment where I felt very relaxed and keen to give it a go. We listened, watched, practiced and enjoyed ourselves. There was plenty of help and encouragement on hand and I was amazed how much we fit into the 3 hours. 

We came away feeling accomplished, happy and a bit more confident, and looking forward to the next session. 

I would wholeheartedly encourage any woman to try this. It turned out to be a very healthy and positive step on a journey of recovery for me and I’m very grateful to have been introduced to it.

- Wolverhampton Workshop (2021)

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