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Joe Parker

Team Member & Assistant Instructor

I began learning Wing Tsun Martial Arts 10 years ago, initially to help myself gain some confidence in myself and my abilities, but I also have always wanted to learn a style of kung fu that is both realistic and practical when used as a form of self defence.

As a child, I experienced domestic abuse first hand, both mentally and physically, and as an adult have bore witness to countless acts of control, aggression and violence towards women and girls from all walks of life. On many of these instances I became involved in order to deter the aggressor and protect the victim, and if it wasn't for the increased awareness, confidence, and physicality from learning martial arts, the outcome of these instances could have been much more detrimental.


I joined the Fight Like A Girl campaign as a result of these experiences, in order to show women that they are absolutely more than able to to stand up and protect themselves, and furthermore, 

that there are good men out there that want to bring cultural changes in our attitudes towards women to create a much fairer and safer society.


Being a part of Fight Like A Girl UK has been a breath of fresh air and hugely enlightening.

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