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  • What is #FightLikeAGirl?
    Fight Like A Girl began as a campaign where Sifu Della was encouraging women and young girls of all backgrounds to feel confident and comfortable to step foot in a room to learn martial arts and self defence.
  • How did it begin?
    Coming from her experience of being stalked as a young girl and from meeting other women who have had trauma and violence in their life, she realised how daunting it can be to walk into a gym with the pre-conceived idea that it would be mostly a male environment, and although the intention is to encourage women to later integrate with men to learn martial arts. Della wanted to allow a space for women to be taught by her and in an environment they would feel comfortable with at this first stage.
  • What will I learn?
    The courses and workshops are designed to tackle common attacks and problems women would likely face in a violent or dangerous situation. ​ EVERYTHING taught is effective and efficient and does not require physical strength!
  • What can I expect?
    Each workshop and course will instill you with the essential ingredients you need to defend yourself. We’ll start with key principles of self-defence, top tips to stay safe, and the importance of self-belief and motivation.
  • When is the next workshop?
    Be sure to check the dates here.
  • Do you offer counselling or medical services?
    Unfortunately not. The purpose of our programmes is for educational purposes only and to help teach self defence to women. Our workshops should not be used as a substitute for counselling or any medical services. For external resources, please see the next question below.
  • I need help...
    Please see resources below: Bede House Starfish Project Women's Aid Protection Against Stalking Refuge National Abuse Helpline
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