Sifu Della O'Sullivan

Chief Instructor and Founder of FLAG UK

Sifu Della O’Sullivan is a survivor of very real violence from a stalker in her late teens. She was later introduced to martial arts as a young single mother who needed to feel safe and able to protect herself and her son. She was training to be a legal secretary but fell in love with martial arts and changed her career path for good.


Della started teaching in 2007 after training for the equivalent average hours of four years in one. She opened her first school in Dulwich, south London, where she continues to teach. She has also taught children of all ages and learning abilities, run women’s self-defence classes, workshops and courses, taught specialist bodyguard classes and led public demonstrations in the UK and abroad.


In 2011, she performed on stage to a packed audience at the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, China, alongside the legendary Shaolin Monks, and in 2016 she launched her ‘Fight Like a Girl’ campaign and tour, running workshops to encourage more women to take up self-defence.

She has since taught hundreds of women across the country, raised thousands of pounds for local women’s refuges and been interviewed on national news about the campaign.


Della is the founder of the martial arts association ‘Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association’, which is built upon strong moral virtues connected to the Chinese Phoenix and the approach that every person who studies martial arts should have the dual goal to develop themselves internally and spiritually. Sifu Della is one of very few female association leaders in the world.