We are honoured to support Bede House Women's Refuge in Southwark

After recent events with the tragic loss of Sabina Nassa, I would like to formally say, that self-protection is a secondary solution, and its not going to end or slow down male violence, it will just give those who learn a chance to make it home if they are ever unfortunate to be faced with it.

The problem is; we SHOULDN'T have to outsource secondary solutions for our survival. We SHOULD be able to feel safe, or at least not have the fear of something terrible happening to us on any level when we are doing our everyday things.

It doesn't matter; what you are wearing, where you are walking, or what time it is. We should feel safe on our own streets. But currently we don't, and evidently we have reason not to.


I am offering this training to anyone who wants to learn, and I am here to help, I trained my body and mind for 15 years because of what i went through.. and I should not have had to either.. 


The least I can do now is use that to help others.. but I am also invested and in full support of real change to end male violence. If you would like to attend this workshop, please book your place.

There will be more available In London In October. 

Topics include:

  • sexual harassment

  • grabs, chokes & holds

  • grabbed or picked up from behind

  • awareness & mindset

  • how to protect yourself from the ground


I look forward to meeting all those who sign up! Click here to book. For all our other workshops dates, click here. If you have any questions, be sure to check out the FAQs or send us an email