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When I used to hold regular classes, there was a man who would take his three daughters to play Basketball who I would talk to, especially about getting them involved with training. They started in 2013 and trained with me up until they all went to university. I'm so proud of them all in what they've accomplished as they have all excelled academically and professionally! The youngest, Teresa, got in touch a few months ago regarding self defence sessions for her Basketball team at UCL. On Saturday 04 March, my assistant instructor, James and I travelled down to London, where the workshop took place! I was so excited to be teaching alongside Della again, who brought Joe, who is a fantastic martial artist and an attentive instructor.

We covered a wide variety of topics, from situational awareness, composure under pressure to defences against common attacks. We were so impressed with how quickly everyone picked up the movements, especially seeing (and feeling!) the power they execute the movements against the pads. It was such a lovely and productive session and I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my birthday! Well done to everyone who came; we can't wait to do more with you in the future!

Here are some photos from Saturday:

The top photo (below) is when Teresa and her sisters first started training with us, when she was 10! I'm so proud of her and everything she will go onto accomplish, not to mention her performance in the workshop, where she demonstrated the techniques exceptionally well, but also showed that she had retained so much of what I had previously taught her and more. Saturday was a real special day to me.

In closing, I'd like to thank all that came as well as Della and Joe for their expert instruction and also my right hand man, James for helping out with the day!

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