• Sifu Della O'Sullivan

Women's Self-Protection & Empowerment 5 Week Course

5 week course in Dulwich Village - 3rd November - 1st December 2021 in the heart of Dulwich - The Crown and Greyhound, 73 London, SE21 7BJ

Fight Like A Girl workshops & courses are a stepping stone for beginners, or anyone who wants to develop confidence, & self defence skills.

Run by female master & survivor - supporting Bede House Domestic Violence charity.

Everything in this course is so that a novice can build a strong foundation, all techniques and methods are so a smaller person can defend against much larger attacker, by borrowing their force.

Volume 1 will cover:

Week 1: THEORY & fundamentals of striking - know your targets, best weapons, learning your distance, fundamental fighting principles

Week 2: controlling attacker & sexual assault ( grabs, chokes holds)

Week 3: controlling attacker part 2 (body grabs, pins, anti-pick up techniques

Week 4: strike defence ( all 4 upper gates training)

Week 5: strike defence level 2 and mixing all groups freely

Every class will aim to develop reflexes, and work on strikes as well as the new group of knowledge.

Every week the class will end with mediation by Elumi Yoga.

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